The Buzz Room


The Buzz Room will be rocking all show long with guest speakers, fashion shows and demonstrations sure to inspire, enlighten and motivate.


Friday – Opens at 2pm

2:30- Entertain in a Flash with Pampered Chef
3:00- Women and Wealth ….. Take Control Make Your Plan – Vanessa Benedict
3:30- Botox, All you ever Wanted  to know revealed with Dr. Aggie Bis
4:00- Powertalk with Mark Gaylard- Shift your life from Good to Great
5:00- Adrenal Fatigue- 5 Signs you are producing Stress Hormone Cortisone and how to manage– With the Hormone Divas
6:00- Reigniting Passion in your love life with Michelle Lockwood with a Q& A
7:00- FABULOUS Fashion Show


Saturday –Opens at 10am

10:30am- Introduction to Yoga with Glow Yoga
11am- Powertalk with Mark Gaylard- Shift your life from Good to Great
11:30- Botox, All you ever Wanted to know revealed with Dr. Aggie Bis
12pm- Detox for your Hormonal Health with the Hormone Divas
12:30- Reigniting Passion in your love life with Michelle Lockwood with Q& A
1:30- Burlesque Dancing Class with Zahra
2:30- Financial Independence for Women– Vanessa Benedict
3:00-Mango Reclaimed – Bringing New life to previously loved furniture
4:00- FABULOUS Fashion show
5:00 Burlesque Show with Zahra

*Schedule subject to change without notice.


Vanessa Benedict has been successfully handling financial portfolios for over 17 years.   She believes any financial decision during the course of your life should be based on what is most important to you. Whether these decisions are based on you, your family and/or your business, all your financial and investment, planning decisions should be all about you.



Dr. Agatha Bis earned her bachelor of science degree, with honors, from the University of Toronto in 1992 and her DDS degree, with honors, from the University of Western Ontario, 1996. Dr. Bis believes that continuing education is an important part of her practice. She has logged many hours of continuing education credits to stay up to date with the latest technologies. This includes training courses at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, the world’s premier postgraduate dental institution.



Michelle Lockwood has been a Passion Parties Independent Consultant since 2009. What makes Michelle the best choice for YOUR Passion Party? Because she is just like you. A wife, a mother, a business owner, and holding a day job; Michelle understands how easily the Passion can slip from a relationship, and how important it is to make it a priority. Book your Passion Party today with Michelle – you will love her Educational, Fun and Classy presentation!



Mark Gaylard is a renowned Practical Psychologist and Life Strategist. He has studied under the likes of Anthony Robbins, and has been applying the teachings of Napoleon Hill for almost two decades. Mark’s years of experience as a keynote speaker, and more recently a business consultant, make him a sought after coach and trainer. Mark developed and is now teaching the F.A.R. Principal Focus/Action/Results as part of Power Talk and LifeMasteryLive seminars. The question remains, how FAR are you willing to go?


We are The Hormone Divas! We started this partnership because we shared this goal: To empower women to make changes in their lives to facilitate growth, wellness and timeless aging. We focus on hormones because hormones run our bodies. When they are out of balance, so are we. The Hormone Divas assist women in balancing various conditions including PMS, PCOS, Menopause, Infertility, Stress-Related Fatigue and much more through harmony of body, mind and spirit. Let us help you achieve Hormone Balance!



Melanie Curley is the owner, curator, artist and furniture stylist of the inspiring vintage furniture studio Mango Reclaimed. She breathes new life into previously loved furniture by restyling it into something unique and refined. Check out for some of Melanie’s stunning work.